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A. If you have a problem with any tickets you purchase from Monsterixx, and there is time to acquire replacement tickets (and if there are tickets on the primary or secondary markets equal-to or better-than the tickets you ordered), Monstertixx will source them – no matter what the cost. In cases where a refund must be given (after the event is over or due the fact that no tickets were available to replace the original order), We guarantee will cover 125% of the buyers’ face ticket cost plus 125% of documented and substantiated travel expenses incurred as a direct result of attending an event.
Q. Why does Monstertixx sell tickets for more than the face value?​
A. Monstertixx does is a market website with listings from individuals and businesses selling tickets in the secondary market. Once a ticket enters the secondary market, the seller sets the price. Variables such as the quality of the seat location, team performance, availability from the primary box office, weather, and venue, all affect pricing. These factors can fluctuate as well. In many cases, Monstertixx offers tickets for less than all the major marketplaces.
Q. Is Monstertixx the same as Ticketmaster and​
A.  No. Monstertixx is an independent, secondary ticket marketplace and is not associated directly with any teams or venues unless an official partnership is expressly stated on the website. Other ticket companies purchase tickets and resell them for more than what was paid. Monstertixx provides an online marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets with lower fees and a better guarantee than any other website.
Q. Is it illegal to sell tickets for over face value?​
A. Cities and states determine the legality of ticket re-sales within their jurisdiction. Many antiquated laws associated with ticket re-sales were amended or repealed in recent years. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure they are compliant with any regulation associated with the re-sale of their ticket(s).
Q. What happens if I can’t go? Can I just give the tickets back?
A. Because ticket inventories trade like the stock market and sellers are paid in full once a transaction is completed, Monstertixx cannot provide 100% refunds. With that in mind, Monstertixx can assist the resale of any tickets at the lowest sell-rates in the industry. If there is a market for your tickets and you price them correctly, Monstertixx will help you sell them. Sellers will be paid via PayPal after the event takes place.
Q. I saw a ticket for $20 cheaper on “X” website. What gives?​
A. Many websites advertise a lower price on their event page. But when the buyer gets to the checkout page, he or she is often blindsided by hidden, and substantial, service fees. Monstertixx charges zero fees and never resorts to bait-and-switch tactics. ​We encourage people to find the best values possible for their ticket purchases. Often times an individual seller will list on Craigslist or other online classified ads for less. Ask what it is worth to work with a reputable company, with instantly down-loadable ticket inventory paid for via a secure process with the industry’s best guarantee. With no guarantee, buying from an unverified seller may not be worth it.